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Startthreeinstances on EC2 of Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS (HVM) (AMI ID: ami-06116566 ).Takedefaults in all cases except for the security group.Swarm mode requires the followingthree ports open between hosts :

TCP port 2377 UDP port 7946 UDP port 4789

Make sure to create a new security group with these rules: Wait for a few minutes for the instances to be provisioned.

Swarm mode is introduced in Docker 1.12. At the time of this writing, 1.12 RC4 is the latest candidate. Use the following script to installtheRC4 release with experimental features:

This script assumes that ASOS Contrast Lace Skater Mini Dress with Long Sleeves Free Shipping Cheap Online Extremely Cheap Online Outlet Low Shipping Buy Cheap Best Sale Sale Hot Sale 86r0w
and performs the following configuration for all running instances in your configured EC2 account:

This simple script will setup Docker host on all three instances.

Labelscan be definedusing DOCKER_OPTS . For Ubuntu, this is defined in the /etc/default/docker file. Distinct labels need to be assigned to each node. For example, use couchbase.mds key and index value.

You also need to restart Docker daemon. Finally, docker info displays system-wide information:

As you can see, labels arevisible in this information. For the second node, assign a different label:

Make sure to use the IP address of the second EC2 instance. The updated information about the Docker daemon in this case will be:

And finally, the last node:

The updated information about the Docker daemon for this host will show:

In our case,a homogenous cluster is created wheremachines are exactly alike, including their operating system, CPU, disk and memory capacity. In real world, you'll typically havethe same operating system but theinstance capacity, such as disk, CPU and memory, would differ based upon what Couchbase services you want to run on them. These labels wouldmake perfectsense in that case but they do show the point here.

Let's enable Swarm Mode and create a cluster of 1 Manager and 2 Worker nodes. By default, manager are worker nodes as well. Initialize Swarm on the first node:

This will show the output:

Add other two nodes as worker:

The exact commands, and output, in this case are:

Complete details about the cluster can now be obtained:

And this shows the output:

This shows that we've created a 3-node cluster with one manager.

Now, we are going to runthree Couchbase services with different constraints. Each service specifies constraint using --constraint engine.labels. format where matches the labels defined earlier for the nodes. Each service is given a unique name as it allows to scale them individually. All commands are directed towards the Swarm manager:

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Haha! We are okay guys, they are still figuring it out. Did me a scare.

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