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    That fact means that folks will not only need to tolerate the need to share rides, if they want to preserve commerce, but learn to avoid places where people concentrate too much and share events too much. Not only avoid those places but avoid ROUTES THROUGH THEM. This situation calls to question our ability to make people share as easily as we think, to make them prefer urbanist ideals of places, and even to remove parking as much as we think since fleets will want to be able to stack reserves everywhere. Yes, one can algorithmically predict demand and chain trips, but unless the world has parking lots full of reserves everywhere for point to point, you will be hankering for a predictable ride you might only find in a bus. Or in a bike you can turn.

    Andrew Cone July 21, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    This is a good explanation of why busses are necessary in high density areas, but it kind of misses Musk’s point.

    As you surely know, in the vast majority of the US, busses are infrequent, sparse, and nowhere near full. In all but a few cities, bus trips account for a negligible fraction of passenger miles travelled. The summon-button-enabled, straight-to-destination bus stops Musk is describing are not, I think, imagined to replace heavily used stops in places like San Francisco or downtown Denver. They are imagined to *add* a bus-like service in somewhere like metro Milwaukee, which currently has no fixed-route transit to speak of, and given entrenched settlement patterns, is not about to.

    The geometry problem you describe applies in places that *already have* transit. For the vast majority of Americans, however, whose communities look more like Overland Park, KS than Queens, NY, the geometry problem is that fixed-route, larger busses will never be a practical way to get around.

    If Musk was saying “Soon we’ll abolish the MTA and the T and BART!” I’d call him a fool. But I read him as saying “Maybe people will come to use something like transit in Overland Park.” I find that both interesting and compelling, so I don’t find this article that helpful.

    Nick July 21, 2016 at 2:39 pm

    Does the author of this text understand English? I’m in doubt to be honest, because he simply made up his wall of text out of one phrase. Shame on you.

    sOliver Womens 11804134379 Blouse Fashion Style Cheap Online dtNP8jGxD
    Theodore Maniatis July 21, 2016 at 5:30 pm

    This article forgets that Elon’s fleet will not be replacing today’s buses. It will be replacing the cars with single occupant. A Tesla would pick me up and drop me off at my destination then it would pick up the next passenger and drop them off at the their destination. Geometry problem solved. That is one car on the road for what would have been two cars and only one car that needs to be parked therefore parking lots and parking spaces on roads would disappear thus more space for lanes on streets. GEOMETRY SOLVED! It’s not rocket science or maybe it is because only Elon Musk is understanding this solution and everybody else does not have his vision because if they did then they would have started SpaceX and Tesla.





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